Orthodontics Surgery Dr. Sigrun Zeitler | Tel-#: +49 (961) 419988

    Your dental health is our profession

    Our patients will take the centre stage. Therefore we will arrange your stay in our surgery as comfortable as possible. Your benefits:

  1. You will feel good with us

  2. You will profit by a high-quality medical care

  3. You will have short waiting time

  4. We will provide up-to-date information of every level of the therapy

  5. We will be always at your service and you can trustfully contact me

    You will get in touch with a full-fledged team that will take time for your requests and will carry out the optimal treatments.

    Our trustful teamwork with your dentist, speech therapist, otolaryngologist and other medical specialists will ensure a comprehensive medical care.

    ...because we love what we do!

    Yours Dr. Sigrun Zeitler and team