Orthodontics Surgery Dr. Sigrun Zeitler | Tel-#: +49 (961) 419988

  1. University-entrance diploma in the "Stiftland-gymnasium"/Tirschenreuth

  2. 3-annual certificated apprentice as Dental Technician

  3. Dentistry studies in Freiburg with approval licence to practise medicine

  4. Promotion to Doctor med.dent

  5. Assistant dentistry in a dental surgery in Munich

  6. Advanced studies as assistant orthodontics in a settled surgery in Regensburg

  7. Advanced studies in the Polyclinic of Orthodontics of the Dental Clinic in Munich

  8. Medical specialist examination for Orthodontics before the Examination Board of Orthodontics of the Bavarian Chamber of Dentists (BLZK)

  9. Settlement as orthodontic specialist in my own surgery in Weiden

  1. Authorization to conduct further orthodontic education by the "BLZK"

  2. Appointment as member of the Examination Board of Orthodontics by the Executive Committee of the "BLZK" from 1999 until now

  3. Member of the "BLZK"

  4. Member in the Professional Organization of German Orthodontists ("BDK")

  5. Member in the Bavarian Syndicate Dental Health e.V. ("LAGZ")

  6. Member in the Initiative Mandible Health IKG e.V.

  7. Member in the German Association for Orthodontics

  8. Member in the Working Committee Systematic Orthodontics ("ASK")