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    Soft technology: Digital X-ray

    The x-ray diagnostic is essential for every orthodontic treatment in order to identify the right position of the teeth and to set up the individual and appropiate therapy.

    Concerns of the parents over the impact of x-ray diagnostics especially for children are today for no reason. Thanks to the newest and sophisticated technology valuable information for the sucess of the treatment are delivered in view of a minimum of exposure for your child. Digitale x-ray means:

  1. The exposure for the patient is significantly reduced even after several radiograms.

  2. The environment is protected by not using toxic chemicals.

  3. The diagnostic analysis is optimized by digital image processing.

    New technologies in Orthodontics

  1. Orthodontics is a vital science. The development of new medical appliances and treatment technologies will serve the patients for instance by shorter treatment periods or by more comfortable treatment process, dependent on the severity of the initial problem.

  2. These new technologies must be learned to successfully applying them to the patients on a state-of-the-art level of science and technology.

  3. Certification for Invisalign® Technology.

  4. Certification for Lingual Braces Therapy.