Orthodontics Surgery Dr. Sigrun Zeitler | Tel-#: +49 (961) 419988

    The ideal treatment point of time

    Let your child be checked by your Orthodontist by the age of 9 the latest. Maxillary anomalies should be recognised at an early stage in order to adjust them during the period of growth.

    Early treatment up from the age of 5 years

  1. Thumbs sucking?

  2. Dummy?

  3. The tongue lies between the teeth?

  4. A myofunctional, flexible appliance can find a remedy.

    The early treatment provides the possibility to correct in due time the upcoming teeth and maxillary false positions with a comfortable removable appliance.

    Our scale of services:

  1. Optimised diagnostics

  2. Treatment with removable appliances (e.g. with a bionator)

  3. Treatment with fixed appliances, especially with painless braces for an easy going therapy

  4. Smooth surface sealing as a protection against caries

  5. Prophylaxis care under agreement with your dentist

  6. Fine adjustment with a highly flexible "gnathologic positioner"

  7. Stabilisation by long-term retention